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Sep 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
.46 feet. high temperatures almost a 40 degree spread between livermore and pacifica. 67 degrees so very summer like here in the bay area. and there is live doppler 7. you'll see what it looks like. you can see here cloud layer, and inland areas enjoying plenty of sunshine this afternoon. the fog is not budging from san francisco to monrera. this morning it was dense and you can count on the possibility of dense fog tomorrow morning as you head back to work or take kids back to school. there are temperatures 54 in half moon bay. there is coastal fog tonight. and partly cloudy skies expected the middle of the week. and temperatures first thing in the morning mainly 50s. there is santa rosa, 48 degrees so give yourself a little more time. looking ahead at water imageries. there is some remnants once a hurricane. and interest there is tomorrow morning we'll start out with usual fog. watch this moisture here. this is a slight chance of showers looking here on wednesday. and if that moisture gets up far enough north there is some wet weather here in the bay area so stay tuned there is highs f
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
the coastline, temperatures have been so chilly this afternoon. pacifica, high only 54 degrees so on the cold side as that fog moved in. here are the temperatures mid-80s inland. nice, mild here and along the coast. there is fog tonight. dense patches again, warming begins and warm to hot weather get ready to head tordz coast. tomorrow morning you'll notice fog around as i mention add long the coast and near the bay. watch out in the morning this may be thick in spots. reduced visibility due to dense fog. upper 40s to mid 50s and another cool start means you need a layer. and there is a warmer pattern developing starting tomorrow, it will be a minor warm up. heading into weekend bigger changes coming up. wardrobe will be changing as we head into the weekend. there is what we can see in the fall. warmer pattern, wind flows from land towards ocean as opposed to that sea breeze. and there is this trend, sunday, hot inland. areas into 70s and we'll see warm patterns near the coast. there is 82 degree hz in san jose. 80 degrees in sunnyvale. on the peninsula there is 78 in redwood city. there is s
Sep 26, 2012 11:35pm PDT
n pacifica en california, más adelante públicaremos sus comentarios en facebook y como le decía han pasado más de dos semanas desde que cuatro diplomatico murieron en un ataque en bensasi libia, el fbi no ha podido ingresar para poder investigar, le piden al gobierno libio que resguarde el lugar, pues todo podría ser un hecho planeado y no resultado de una protesta >>y los centroamericanos dicen que ya es hora que se les permita acceder a la residencia legal, por lo que han creado un movimiento >>más de diez años de trabajo duro, pagar impuestos, respetar las leyes de estados unidos, merecen algo más >>se han ganado el derecho a una residencia permanente y no estar en una situación de incertidumbre cada 18 meses. >>este es el objetivo que se busca >>la iniciativa pretende convencer al beneficiario de que obtener la residencia es posible >>la universidad centroamericana es una delas primeras en favorer y dar su apoyo. >>no hacen que las personas accedan bajo canales de apoyo la residencia, no les permiten tampoco unificar a sus familias >>el reto principal es convencer a políticos de que
Sep 14, 2012 12:00pm PDT
development. you will notice the clouds around san francisco and pacifica. but some clearing skies around half moon bay, sunshine for them for parts of the san mateo county coast. as far as the forecast, we have a nice forecast. more sunshine inland. some morning fog, a little bit of cooling and the extended -- show you some of the current numbers out there, the warmest locations 80 now antioch. oakland, 62. and san francisco in 59. away from the immediate coastline it will be warm. there is a weather system that moves in from for -- primarily for sunday. ceremony temperatures come in -- for sunday. temperatures come in. you can see the forecast for both saturday and sunday. a lot of sunshine -- a lot of sunshine. chilly mornings, though. the afternoon high is warming back up in the 70s. from the lower 60s out to pacifica, san francisco 6 a. warmest locations out toward brent www.and antioch. fremont in the upper 70s and back home -- brentwood and antioch. fremont in the upper 70s and back home, a few clouds and 64 degrees. here's a look ahead -- your five-day forecast with your weekend in vie
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm PDT
and you can see it lingering around the cliff house. . >>> 64 pacifica. 66 tomorrow. 66 san francisco, 90 antioch. i think upper 08's, low 90s inland floor flooding still conditioning in that area. we head into tonight, fog works back and forth from the coast but not most likely not in your neighborhood. not going to be over the coastal hills, it'll hang at the coast. overnight lows cool. 46napa. i picked out numbers up in the north bay, down to 42 degrees. it's cold in the morning hours, there is the fog foot print. model wants to bring it back to the coast. it peels it away again. wednesday afternoon, you will have patchy fog, clearing out at stinson beach. a nice day at pacifica. we will watch it closely. ly be back at ten and this model updates itself constantly. it may have another take on this fog. i'm not convinced it'll pull away that much. i think it'll be patchy. the forecast, san francisco you are getting 60's, then out toward lafayette, low 80s and mid80's. in the hot spots you will get about 90 degrees. that's toward brentwood and antioch. nice looking day tomorrow. this is
Sep 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
forecast right around pacifica there across ocean beach, daily city and already some overcast across the golden gate bridge and a few into san francisco bay. temperatures change from a cool 56 greece, 56 in pacifica all the way to the 80s well inland out towards fairfield, ant yak, livermore. san jose maxed out mid 70s at 75. forecast tonight we do have this partly cloudy skies, some coastal fog increasing. tomorrow's morning fog will be mild to warm and this weekend this is a big headline, more sunshine and temperatures do warm back up. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning will be in the upper 40s to the low to mid 50s. the fog on the coast and also right around the bay mostly clear skies as you work your well and for your thursday, there's minimal change in the forecast. things cool for the beaches and temperatures inland on track to reach the mid to upper 80s. high pressure, though, this weekend returns, in fact, friday returns that air that is warming and you will notice that warmup as you head into saturday and sunday. that coupled with a very weak north, northeasterly fl
Aug 31, 2012 11:35pm PDT
a muy pocos días de que el presidente juan manuel santos anuncio una salida pacifica al conflicto colombiano, es la información desde colombia, regresamos a los estudios. >> muchas gracias juan carlos, ahora hablemos de chismes, ¿cómo evitar y salir de ellos? vamos con maría antonieta collins, tiene información para las malas lenguas. >> la parroquia no es una más de las cientos de méxico, acá vienen a rezar con fervor. >> en esta iglesia la imagen de san ramón, hoy se le venera como el abogado contra el chisme y las habladurias. >> pero es que hay de todo, ¿cómo hacer para cerrar la boca del enemigo. >> te pido que calles la boca, para que no regañe más a mi hermana. >> son tantos los candados que es la segunda base que es construida para sostenerlos. >> tenemos que decir que esta no es una costumbre que haya propiciado la iglesia ccomo jerarquia, son tradiciones populars. >> chismes y difamacions, pero san ramón donato recibe de todo, acá le pide alejar las malas intenciones. >> otros más discretos saben de qué se trata. >> incluso aquí cuando vienen los famos
Sep 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
clouds moving through parts of the area this afternoon. there is the fog from half moon bay, pacifica, san francisco up to the marin headlands as well. as far as current numbers just updated it for the 15:00 5:00 hour, warmest locations in the 70s. talking about the fog, we have this layer of warm air up above us and it's also compressing that marine layer. as a result we have a shallow marine layer, pretty dense out there. as a result just be extra careful near the immediate coastline tonight through tomorrow morning. first thing tomorrow morning you can see overnight lows in 40s to 50s. isn't rose, napa, 45-47 degrees, antioch around 53 degrees as well. you can pick out in satellite and radar we do are have a batch of high clouds across central california and a weather system to our north. coming up in a few minutes the impact that weather system will have on our temperatures for tomorrow and temperatures will soon be warming up, coming up, i let you know when 90-degree heat could return to parts the bay area. >> bart had some mother delays on the fremont line. overnight service bl
Sep 3, 2012 7:00pm PDT
the great highway, pacifica down by pacifica the fog has been really bad and very low. so that shallow marine layer is going to lift a little tomorrow but maybe not enough so i think some dense visibility some poor visibilities tomorrow morning as well. these were the highs today that came across 92 in antioch, 94, warm spot morgan hill with 98 degrees. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, as well. a few more clouds, fog in the morning, a little slower burn off today. in temperatures slightly cooler, i don't think you'll notice that difference, though. three to four degrees inland at best. going to feel hot inland, warmer around the bay. fog tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. there it is or twhuz morning. temperatures in the valley there's your 90s, but temperatures around here you're going to get those 80 ts, lots of upper 70s. along the coast #50s and low 60s. tomorrow a lot like today but slightly keerl. as we go in time on track this tropic north as we get into wednesday, right, and wednesday morning that moisture is here. now, it can spawn thundershowers and that is's the concern s
Sep 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
moon bay, pacifica, san francisco around the golden gate bridge. plenty of sun. temperatures warm up rapidly. highs from this afternoon. around 60 in pacifica, most areas warmed up. san jose topped out 85 and 90's toward fairfield, antioch and livermore. we have this, mostly clear sykes, labor day, call it hot inland and then the extended we introduce more fog and partly cloudy conditions. here is the fog signature you can pick out south of point reyess. that's the cut off point. we have the warm numbers inland. the temperatures around 90, 93 degrees. the theme today warming up away from the coastline as we head into labor day high pressure continues to strength strengthen and dense fog. northerly breeze developing now. we may mix out some of the fog as we head into labor day and we will still have warm numbers inland. warmer than today. 93 to 94 degrees. here is the forecast model showing you this and patchy dense fog. up in the north day, i saw this swerve -- a few patches tomorrow and then clearing skies, we could still have a leftover patch or two, fog near parts of the shoreline
Sep 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
open the peninsula high of 74, san mateo 78. palo alto upper 50's on the coast at pacifica and a half machine bay. downtown san francisco high of 66 tomorrow. 60 in the sun set district. north bay mainly 80's. low mid 80's. 83 at santa rosa. 86 calistoga. nearest bay 72 oakland. 75 san lae andro. 79 castro valley. high right around or just above 90 degrees warmest renal of the bay area tomorrow. monterey bay relatively cool near the bay. 60's to 70 mild inland 80's and morgan hill gilroy. accu-weather 7 day forecast we'll see temperatures taper off on thursday to upper 80's inland and by friday in a pattern of mid 80's inland and mid 70's around the bay. upper 50's the coast and warm-up mopped ex week. >> it's nice. >> looking good. >> as we continue. silent heart attack. millions have them and don't even know it. how to tell if you have had one how to tell if you have had one and prevent from it happening >> green day front man armstrong out of the hospital and back in la following a medical scare. he told tmz his voice is completely g.o.p. watch this. >> in test of like
Sep 28, 2012 9:00pm PDT
84 in los altos. fog still hanging on at least a patch or 2 into the afternoon so pacifica you are going to improve from the mid 50's to the low 60's as far as the temperatures they will be going up. sunset district 63 degrees. 70 downtown san francisco and north by warmer day 85 santa rosa. 86 in nap a.low 60's still near the coast line and in the east bay we give you nice mild set up for you. 77 in oakland. 81 in union city. don't get too used to it. start cooking on suchbilityd inland east bay 93 in livermore. 92 walnut creek and for the monterey bay. 64 in monterey. 91 inland morgan hill. accu-weather 7 day forecast spare the air day tomorrow. starts getting hot inland sunday monday upper 90's to low 100. that's unseasonably hot. mid 70's at the beaches. expected in the fall not out of the ordinary there. a little cooler tuesday. really don't start to feel it until wednesday through friday time period. dan you are going to be at the fine arts and crafts fair in walnut creek. >> that's right. performing 3:30 to 5:30 with his band. >> make sure you enter th
Sep 6, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. 76 for fremont. 64 in pacifica. mid-70s through palo alto and redwood city. and in the north bay, 79 degrees for santa rosa. if your seven-day, 80s through the weekend. and mid-60s expected for the coast next week. and for those of you that want to get weather and news and traffic all the time, check out comcast 193. >>> nearly three years after the brutal gang rape of a 16-year-old girl on the richmond high school campus, one of the men charged pleaded guilty today. he is charged with one charge of rape and one countof robbery -- count of robbery. he was named as an active participant in the assault which happened during and after a homecoming dance in october of twine. the other men involved are due in court on october the 5th. there were as many as 20 witnesses but no one called 911. >>> this happened this afternoon. police found a man shot and unconscious on east 22nd street. this was east oakland's second murder of the day. >>> don nelson talks on the eve of his induction into the basketball hall of fame. and an update on the a's player who went to the hospital . >>> the ownersh
Sep 12, 2012 12:00pm PDT
firefighters arrived at an apartment fire in alameda on pacifica avenue. people said a quadriplegic was trapped inside one of the units . >> bystanders advised us that a person need to be rescued. they were gotten out without injury. >> they think the fire began outside the building, and 15 residents were displaced. the red cross is helping with temporary accommodations. >>> the family of a fallen officer is preparing for his funeral tomorrow. monday officers escorted the flag draped coffin carrying the body to a mortuary. he was gunned down during a traffic spot. services are set for 10:00 at the mission church. >>> palo alto police say they've seen a big jump in home burglaries. police say they're taking steps to deal with the problem. >>reporter: besides bikers and runners, be prepared to see more officers on patrol in neighborhoods. the department says home robberies are on the rise for the second time this year. these dots represent burglaries since august 1. the recent concentration in the crescent park neighborhood we go for a half hour around the house and lock the house. >>reporter: th
Sep 15, 2012 5:30pm PDT
morgan hill 88, for the coast only 60s, 61 pacifica, at the far east, brentwood 90 degrees, 88 antioch, 80 at santa rosa, 57 bodega bay, stinson beach 59 temperatures in the mid '70s all this week and mid-80s for inland areas we appeared next week temperatures will stay in the mid-80s. no big changes. >>> g force in house for vern glenn >>> saturday a big day raiders go without a key player rest of the season on gary gelfan if you love offense cal allstate had funny for the first time since,, >>> two words for cow field goal. >>> you have to get it through the uprights. hard to believe the last time cal played ohio state 40 years ago in berkeley the buckeyes got the win. cal in columbus in front of 105,000 fans. second quarter cal down 20-7 a great one-handed catch he takes often goes to the distance. he gets called for holding the drive stalls caltrop light by 13 at that. brendan below takes the handoff he spends his white out he goes down the sidelines 81 yds for the score. a sweet run cal takes the lead. or cut the lead to 6. mannered takes it himself an upset in the making 14 unans
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
, upper 50s in pacifica. we move into the santa clara valley, high 80s in morgan hill. slightly cooler on friday and saturday and will talk more about the forecast next time >> stanford police are trying to find a man who groped a woman on campus. a woman was groped by man near manzanita field about 120 in the afternoon. she said the man was in his 20's and 30's, 5 ft. 5, long black hair and was wearing a fake gold chain. contra costa county jail has released the man arrested after the fatal crash in walnut creek over the weekend in saturday night. a pedestrian was killed on north main street. the man was released last night because no charges were filed. wednesday, searches are suspended for sierra lamar. a 15 year-old morgan hill girl has been missing since march. saturday volunteer searchers will continue on a weekly basis. investigators believe her body was buried but it has not been found. a suspect has been in custody since may. in this next door, at a new food truck hitting the streets of san francisco >> a rare prehistoric find in an unusual place. >> and a legend in space >> a
Sep 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
the coast right along pacifica and pescadero. a few patches sneaking into the bay. for the rest of the region you have mostly clear skies right now for the 10:00 hour. as far as temperatures from the afternoon, they range from 60 in pacifica, fog there. san francisco 66 but really warming up inland out toward concord, fairfield and livermore. those readings in the lower 90 degrees. we do have this mostly clear skies and coastal fog as we showed you. for tomorrow for your labor day. fog and lower numbers inland. a few clouds could be on the increase once we head into late tuesday and into wednesday. first thing tomorrow morning, definitely want to bundle up once again especially for the north valleys. those temperatures back down to the mid-40s. san francisco 51 and liver mother -- livermore low clouds in san francisco. we do warm things up, temperatures inland approaching the mid-90s around 93 to 94 degrees. a little bit of a northerly flow helps clear out the fog. not complete clearing but we could have clouds as we go into labor day. i think a few patches will linger into the
Sep 10, 2012 5:00pm PDT
san francisco, ocean beach, fog there, pacifica right now. it is a thin layer at the beach. not getting inland yet. outside. fog at the golden gate bridge. making it towards alcatraz as well. what we are looking for is the fog to increase. the story will be a slight warming trend. degree or two each day. today we had upper 80s. tomorrow upper 80s. stay in the upper 80s range. the high pressure is doing its job. that is why the fog isn't flying inland. high pressure is creating fog that coast and not great visibilities along highway 1. give yourself extra time. you know how it gets. by pacifica. the forecast, there it is. you see how it is not going through the san bruno gap? it is shallow. tomorrow will be a warm day. you could call it hot inland. warm. 90s. lots of 80s, 70s. around the bay. nice day. great fall pattern coming up. the week ahead, warming and you will see it here. it is not -- like -- slow. 93 degrees towards thursday and friday. nice week ahead. the forest, clear lake 91. 78 vallejo. 87 concord. 90 antioch. these are your tuesday highs. fire danger is high.
Sep 4, 2012 1:05am PDT
. if his forward to another photo just september to me by twitter by super mo 1972. pacifica going around 68 line boulevard. yes it's getting dense in spots. let's check out liveler7 doppler 7 hd and visibility is down to half mile half moon ba bay. pacifica dense. you can see the fog here along the coast lineg tomorr so first thing tomorrow morning certainly cunt on some 80's of fog and it will be dense in pockets. temperatures right now 50's keingt side. we have 60's and 70's across the rest of the yivr. our highlights coast tl fog tonight. warm again tomorrow. partly cloudy around mid nooebing week and con changing more than just clouds. talk about that in just a moment. temperatures first thing as you head out the door head back to school or work 0the santa rest did you know to 48 degrees you will see the fog around isn't rose and coast line. also did you know to santa cruz 0so make sure you give yourself extra time heading out doort and bundle up. things changing heading into tomorrow. dry air aloft as you look at the satellite picture. this afternoon the high pressure is
Sep 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
by twitter by super mo 1972. pacifica going around 68 line boulevard. yes it's getting dense in spots. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and visibility is down to half mile half moon ba bay. pacifica dense. you can see the fog here along the coast line so first thing tomorrow morning certainly cunt on some 80's of fog and it will be dense in pockets. temperatures right now 50's keingt side. we have 60's and 70's across the rest of the yivr. our highlights coast tl fog tonight. warm again tomorrow. partly cloudy around mid nooebing week and con changing more than just clouds. talk about that in just a moment. temperatures first thing as you head out the door head back to school or work 0the santa rest did you know to 48 degrees you will see the fog around isn't rose and coast line. also did you know to santa cruz 0so make sure you give yourself extra time heading out doort and bundle up. things changing heading into tomorrow. dry air aloft as you look at the satellite picture. this afternoon the high pressure is range from the you upper 50's at the keingt to mid 90's inland. tomo
Sep 5, 2012 6:00am PDT
the temperatures will work out nicely. 63 degrees in pacifica. '70s as you make her way into the delta. 71 in oakland. 81 in santa rosa. the next couple of days, a few left over clouds but the weekend looks warmer some clouds out here now, some tropical moisture sliding in so if you cannot go to hawaii, is coming to you today. >> cal's athletic department says it is fixing a problem that led to the sale of seats that did not exist at their renovated football stadium. last week some fans had to squeeze together on benches in the northeast corner of the stadium. officials say they're reaching out to anyone who was affected. if you have to go, you might as well go in style. >> we are talking bathrooms here. san francisco might have the finest. a local business is vying for the fifth title of america's best restroom. one of the top 10 finalists is called zitan in downtown san francisco. >> san francisco restaurants are so small bet every little piece of real estate matters >> other top bathrooms include this one at the hollywood bowl and a million-dollar throne room at a las vegas nightclub. >
Sep 16, 2012 7:30am PDT
ever yesterday at san jose and 80 and morgan hill and 61 a pacifica and 62 and half moon bay. it still warm in the far east of republic creek 89 degrees and 80 for santa rosa. the five to forecast called the numbers inland to be in the mid '80s for the majority of the week the bay area mid-70s and the coast mid-60s and went ahead they still stake in the '80s going with the cloud cover in the morning and sunday afternoon in chile and the beach and warm inland. >>> there's to measures and the november ballot to seeking an increase in taxes across the state to raise billions of dollars. >>> the governor's position would raise the sales tax and income taxes on high earners. >>> an alternative measure would raise income taxes and all but the lowest earners and most of the money would go to public schools. the key backer of prop 38 is the president of the california pta who joins us now good morning. nobody likes taxes. the poll showed that in the common sense to. but the question is where the money is going? what is the key difference between proposition 38 in the governor's position in
Sep 23, 2012 10:00pm PDT
low closer to pacifica, san francisco for the golden gate bridge. also just off shore, you can see tracking the swell. not too big out there. about 4 feet. over the next 24 hours , swells do build. and as the result, be extra careful near the shore line. waves topping 10 feet tomorrow and into tuesday. as far as temperatures, they range from the upper 50s at pacifica. san francisco, 65 degrees. and 90 out toward antiock. forecast headlines tonight, partly cloudy skies. fog will continue to push. we go the other direction in the extended forecast. we do warm things back up. overnight lows first thing monday morning, definitely want to bundle up out towards santa rosa and napa. san francisco, 51 and livermore starting out monday in the lower 50s. there is a weather system to our north and east moving out of oregon. this is moving into parts of nevada over the next 24 hours. no rainfall for us. temperatures do come down just a few degrees within crease in the northerly breeze for tomorrow afternoon that might help mix up some of the low clouds and fog especially north of the bridge in
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of the clouds keeping things mild inland. cool conditions coast side. half moon bay, pacifica, golden gate bridge and golden gate park as well. current numbers, just updated. san francisco right now, chilly, 58 degrees in san francisco. head inland, 80s. 80s towards fairfield, antioch, livermore. san jose 83. satellite, all the stormy weather is to the east. tracking the marine layer, clouds and clouds to the southwest of monterey bay. fog a factor in the forecast. once gren there is -- again there is not a lot of change for your thursday morning. increase in low clouds tomorrow morning and showing it coast side. we will have a few patches around the bay bridge, oakland, hayward and that will set the stage for the numbers getting chilly. over night lows upper 40s in santa rosa, napa, to 50s livermore, san jose and morgan hill. oakland 52 degrees with the fog targeting the coast and the bay. temperatures censor going up as we fly across the bay. inland, the warmest locations, lower 60s coast side, that is the cool end, warm end in the upper 80s to 90 degrees. the warming kicks in by the wee
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
they will be on the peninsula. and 77 in los altos. here is the fog. 59 in pacifica. sunset district as well. 65 degrees in downtown sap fran, north bay. upper 50s and getting up to 93 in yu kia. east bay communities upper 60s to mid-70s, 75 castro valley. inland areas this is where it's going to be warm but not low 90s everywhere. there is 63 degrees inmont rai. 83 inreasoned. accu-weather forecast is mild to warm foremost of you, warmer and hot heading into the second half of the weekend. there is up to triple digits monday. not record setting and there are fall warm up we expect. low 70s and cooler wednesday and thursday and abc 7 about to make someone $49,000 richer. october 18th game on abc 7 we're giving away $49,000 f you like us its easy to enter the sweep stakes z and right after the san francisco 49ers take on the seattle see hawks. if you're not a fan this is quick. why not? you can win big. >> and this is if you don't like us. >> it's not imaginable. >> you can still win. >> roseanne bar taking a break to run for president. what she's doing in the east bay. >> there is a new baby for an as s
Sep 30, 2012 9:00am PDT
the shoreline. we will look for that to pull back and give sunshine to friends in half moon bay and pacifica with numbers in east bay valleys, pretty warm. 51 in santa rosa. we do cool off rather quickly overnight. even with all the heat for the afternoon, it should be a comfortable evening around the bay as we drop off again back into the 50s and even some 40s. we are looking at conditions really too warm up in inland valleys. sea breeze will remain weak. we will have a sea breeze but you have to be right at ocean beach to feel it. then we'll keep the warm to hot numbers right through tomorrow and into tuesday for inland valleys. i think the sea breeze, a stronger one is going to kick up around the coast on tuesday. here is where the air quality definitely is not so great. we saw the picture downtown and didn't look great in the city. poor air quality and santa clara and north bay. culprit, it's a double barrel high pressure that gives us the lighted offshore flow. we're not looking at the gusty offshore winds, light offshore flow, we are looking at onshore push. making for a very warm day
Sep 4, 2012 7:00am PDT
near mill valley, as well as sebastopol, reporting mid-40s. 62 at the coast in pacifica today. widespread 70s and 80s along the bay. the extended forecast -- the cooling trend i mentioned a moment ago, you see it for yourself, mid-80s. that will drive our temperatures below the so sonnal -- below the seasonal norm. 60s around the coast. >>> 7:40. how far would you go to get a good parking space? >> pam cook is in our newsroom about a crackdown. >> police are cracking down on those using a handicap placard without the proper paperwork. it seems many are using those even after the doctor's note has expeered they -- expired or they are using someone else's. >> i think it's the only message to send. if it's not enforce, people don't would it -- enforced, people won't do it. >> more parking officers in berkeley will be looking for violenters will be asking -- violaters will be asking for the prof. >>> tiger woods did not win the last tournament. he achieved a dramatic first though with his first place finish. >>> for the past two decades now, fremont has been stagnant. >>> this tee
Sep 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
tomorrow, we have a warming trend that will take us warmer in spots pacifica's 63, out the door with clouds starting out at the shoreline than labor day monday mostly sunny, hot inland temperatures spread from the '60s to 99 degrees inland. at sunrise here that it pulls back and the rest of the day tomorrow sunny. it looks pretty dead. sunny and cool and warmer for the inland areas temperatures in the low 90s, will see temperatures at 83 santa clara, 87 danville, 92 fairfield, 82 sonoma, 68 daly city. warm up for sunday monday and tuesday wednesday we cool down, then as twin-engine to next weekend we warm up again. have a great rest of the weekend. >>> vern is here with sports >>> cal football embarrassed in the new digs giants and a's making noise as was bernie 9 in oakland here in a weekend at bernie's,,,,,,,, okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's th
Sep 6, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. temperatures, 77 degrees in san jose and 75 in palo alto and 63 pacifica with east bay numbers up in the '80s and some seventies in the delta. and as you make your way inside of the bay, 69 in oakland and 63 in san fransisco and 75 degrees in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple days, high-pressure nudging its way back in here, then we'll start to cool things down just a little bit as we head into sunday and also into monday. roberta gonzales is out today, running around in the san fransisco. they're ringing the bell out there for a special treat? >> i'm loving lawrence karnow and his weather because it is absolutely gorgeous for the 49th annual cable car bell ringing contest. a little bit loud out here, as you can imagine there are lots of people gathering at year end it is such a treat for the tourist in san fransisco today. this is the director of transportation, tell us what is gone on out here this fine afternoon? >> this is the 49th annual cable car bell ringing competition. a tradition of almost half a century you're in san fransisco, it really honors the san fransisco cable ca
Sep 5, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, 63 degrees and pacifica with east bay temperatures moving up into the 80s. maybe low ninety's inland. temperatures running in the '60s and '70s inside of the bay and as we look out over the next couple days, keeping things a little bit unsettled with a chance of isolated thunderstorms over the next couple of days but by friday we straighten things out and more sunshine comes our way saturday and sunday with warmer temperatures coming our way as well. heating things up through saturday and sunday. we want to go to roberta gonzales live out at the ballpark getting ready for the big oakland a's game. how's it looking? >> this is yours and my kind of weather, we are enjoying this. we have mostly cloudy skies, a bit of a wind if you can see the flag, western wind up to 15 mi. per hour with the current estimate to 67 degrees. i did some homework, the a's have not had one rain out this season as of yet. we have been tracking the sub tropical moisture for the past 10 days. and we have been seeing some half the fat raindrops out here. no reason for me to believe that there will be any kind of
Sep 9, 2012 10:00pm PDT
, 62 pacifica. cool at the coast. inland you are flirting with 90 degrees. 89 brentwood. napa 85 degrees. bodega bay 80. stinson beach 66 degrees. oakland at 72 degrees. look for lots of sun this we temperatures by early warming every day. will be back in the '90s by thursday and friday. the numbers will stay in the '70s all week. they say the best whether we get is september and october. >>> more private school parents in california decide not to immunize their children the associated press and allies the number of children in private school or some or all for kindergarten found it is two times greater than those in public schools. the number of children of acting out increase 10% last year. in private school parents tend to be more skeptical of state requirements and have more money for ultimate health care. across the west this summer of the bear, today in los angeles. >>> memorial service held this morning to of honor public safety members to get died. the 11th year san mateo county has held a service it was inspired by two thousand tomorrow to remember at a firefighter matt
Aug 31, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and then we will have some clearing. sunny skies and just a little bit of stratus clouds in pacifica. that is smoke your looking at in redding. fog in he retest at 60 degrees. '60s and '70s to the low eighties around the peninsula. 86 degrees in brentwood. upper 70's in santa rosa. here is the extended forecast, 10 degrees warmer on sunday. on labor day we talk nearly 100 degrees in the warm spots. it will be smoking hot outside. >> surgeons might now have a promising new tool to keep people from dying from stroke >> the fda has approved a tiny device that is already saving lives. >> she was getting dressed for work when she collapsed to the floor. the 51 year-old was having a stroke. >> my speech was extremely slurred >> it turns out a clot was blocking blood flow >> ec the artery coming out and then you see an abrupt stop >> neurosurgeon inserted in new device and called the tree vote interlay again into brain >> the second this comes out i have restored blood flow to the brain >> it has a delicate mess that expands through the clock allowing blood to flow immediately at a time whe
Sep 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
, a lot more 70s, 59 at millbrae. 'pacifica, 59 degrees. mid to upper 60s downtown san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s to low 80s in north bay valleys. heading over to the east bayshore, berkeley may not make it to 70. 69. everybody else in the low to mid-70s. we'll make a run at the 90s in the east bay valleys and upper 80s in the san ramon valley. heading down to monterey, sunshine in the afternoon and mid 60s around monterey and pacific grove. hanging around 80s around morgan hill. traveling around the state. mid to upper 90s in the central valley to hundred in palm springs. a very small chance of a thunderstorm has just about left the entire state. it's going to be warm today. guess who is back in town? they lost last night but they are having a great road tri-. orioles and a's, dropping down to 57 by 10:00. don't forget its fireworks friday at coliseum. you can see clouds out to the coast. most of us in the 50s. let's take a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, you can see a gradual cooling trend that will drop our temperatures a little bit below average by the time w
Sep 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
pacific -- 59 pacifica. a little cooler an for saturday. >>> the opening of a chic-fil-a restaurant is being delayed for the second time. it was set to open on september 20th but according to the company's website that date is being pushed back to october 25th. there is a peaceful protest planned for the day the restaurant opens. it's aimed at chic-fil-a president's recent comments about same sex marriage. >>> coming up in our 5:00 hour new information about a fire at a peninsula school. what was missing inside the classroom that is required to be there? >>> plus an east bay neighborhood in the dark this morning. the overnight crash that is creating a headache for pg&e. ♪ [female narrator even if you're not planning on getting pregnant now, you should know that foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. >>> we are live in hayward where a driver slams into an electric pole. >>> a big part of beachwood school and menlo park are just ashes and junk this morning. we'll tell you what fire investig
Sep 6, 2012 6:00pm PDT
in a place like pacifica. so add three degrees to fairfield tomorrow and you won't even hardly notice it. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today, but without any subtropical clouds in the morning and with more sunshine in the afternoon. the fog tries to work its way back to the coast tomorrow morning but it doesn't happen. in the afternoon hours, we get to 90 in clearlake, 77 in vallejo. these are the forecast highs for friday. fire danger off the table. but we had a red flag warning this morning. so things are getting better, at least in the fire realm. air quality is really good. the fog is back friday. temperatures about the same. a little warmer on saturday and sunday too. then a little cooler next week, so kind of a subtle weather pattern. but the red flag warning is gone and the tropical moisture is gone. that's good news. >>> some of the world's best sails on the bay today for the 48th annual rolex cup race. the course wound its way to the golden gate bridge and then finished right in front of st. francis yacht club. the four-day event runs through this sunday. >>> coming up on
Sep 6, 2012 7:00pm PDT
range from 60 in pacifica warmest locations in the mid to upper 80s. anioch in the mid 80s. mostly clear skies. coastal fog developing. tomorrow will be warmer. the weekend patchy morning fog. we'll call it nice for the over all weekend. coolest locations once again in the upper 40s in the north bay. but lots of 50s to start out your friday. the thunderstorms have been moving to the east. over all a dry weather forecast. as high pressure returns that will set the stage for a warming trend. that means temperatures inland in the 80s even approaching the 90-degree mark. the forecast model showing this. some patchy fog near the coast. partly to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon hours. the orange contours link up at the 80s. the warmest locations reach the upper 80s to at 90 degrees for your friday afternoon. san jose around 80. free month in the upper 70s. san francisco patchy fog in the morning. your five day forecast with your weekend in view. saturday the warmest. minor cooling by sunday. >> the sound of music and bell ringing filled the air at san francisco's union square. this
Sep 13, 2012 11:00am PDT
, down to pacifica, dealing with light cloud cover. that has cleared very rapidly as well. as we head through noon, maybe 12:30, you'll see full-on sunshine and temperatures will be warm as a result. especially when you consider we only ended up in the low 70s yesterday in santa rosa. 72 for san francisco and 87 degrees up in santa rosa. through saturday and sunday, high pressure keeping things nice and hot. however, it's not going to be quite as hot. that's good news if you don't have an air conditioner in your home. also, we're in the good to moderate air quality range across the greater bay area. and if you have an air conditioner, might want to just stay inside and watch the giants. they're back at it. nbc friday, 6:40. the game will be played out in chase field. breezy conditions as well. saturday, 95 degrees. then we get cooler, cloudier. best chance of rain looks like wednesday into thursday. >> christina, thank you so much. >>> business is booming for b.a.r.t. so good, in fact, the agency is scrambling to meet demand. b.a.r.t. directors say they've seen record weekday ridershi
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and this is pacifica only 58 today, temperatures cooler this afternoon compared to yesterday and there are 57 in half moon bay. 68 in oakland. there is san jose, 72 degrees and 76 in santa rosa. there are fog at the coast and bay. and there is a cooler pattern that continues on sunday. there is what's happening here in the after the moss sphere, there is a ridge of high pressure that is weaker. there is a a trough going to be a key player in the fact. sunday heading into following week there is a cooling trend expected and ridge gets pushed away. there is a ridge weakening meaning temperatures coming down a few degrees every day. tomorrow morning there is upper 40s around santa rosa. there is fog around the coast p bay. there are cool starts as nights are getting longer. fog will pull back to the coastline and we're expecting some late day clearing along parts of the coast. there is a mild to warm pattern saturday afternoon. 98 inland and there is a wide range of conditions, 81 degrees in san jose. and there is 69 in millbrae. mid-70s around redwood city. there is downtown san francisco, 65 degrees,
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm PDT
skies. los angeles clocks in at 86 degrees and. 88 @ morgan hill 81 at campbell, at pacifica 61 tomorrow and, east bay the numbers come in at upper 80's 90 at brentwood, 88 at san ramon, 89 walnut creek, north bay numbers in the mid to upper seventies, sonoma county 80 degrees, bodega bay 57, the numbers don't change much. mostly in the mid '80s in and areas, '60s at the coast, we look at the seven day forecast it stays the same next week and much like this weekend. so tomorrow will be much like today and the rest of the week. >>> gregg l. fan in for vern glenn >>> bad news for the silver and black writers lose a big-name player on gary gelfan the trojans rolled out of palo,,,, okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. this is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage
Aug 31, 2012 11:00pm PDT
and partly sunny around redwood city. 72 in palo alto. 58 in pacifica. there is not much change there. sunset district 59 degrees. downtown san francisco mostly sunny and 63, and as we get you into the north bay, 50s along the coast. some clouds will be in the mid70s santa rosa and 72 in san rafael. east bay communities, 66 in oakland. 70 for union city. head inland, and these temperatures are not quite where you should be for this time of year. 80 degrees in livermore. 8 degrees cooler than average. 78 in concord and 76 in dublin. and for the monterey bay, 60 degrees if you are heading down to caramel. 78 in morgan hill. a big game tomorrow afternoon. this is cal hosting nevada at the newly renovated stadium. partly sunny, breezy and 58 degrees. by 3:00 p.m., getting into the low 60s. i would grab a sweatshirt if i was you. and we do have a couple of art and wine festivals and art festivals going on. breezy and 65 tomorrow. mostly sunny on sunday and monday warmer and for the millbrae art and wine festival 67 on saturday and 72 on sunday. it warms up. low to mid-nineties sunday and monday. i
Sep 5, 2012 4:30am PDT
drop to 70 millbrae upper 50s half moon bay, pacifica, daly city. sausalito 7 . low to mid 80s north bay valleys upper 50s to near 60 for you. 70 berkeley, 72 oakland. valleys, low to mid 90s mainly mid to upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy. could crack 70 watsonville, 72 salinas. tonight clouds, warmer than this morning mid 50s to mid 60s. here's a area of low pressure developing also acting like a moisture pump with remnants of two tropical storms to the south that new stream of moisture is moving into the monterey bay now creating those thunderstorms. as we head through the morning we'll see these fall apart a little and then redevelop in the afternoon. another slight chance of thunder thursday. again, very random, just about anywhere, could drop brief heavy rain and the lightning is the bigger story, if it does hit the ground this time of the year, a fire could start. chance of storms for wednesday into thursday seasonal friday through tuesday. >>> good morning. live shot of the golden gate bridge you will find roadwork southbound actually northbound too at north end of the golden gat
Sep 1, 2012 1:05am PDT
in palo alto. 58 in pacifica. there is not much change there. sunset district 59 degrees. downtown san francisco mostly sunny and 63, and as we get you into the north bay, 50s along the coast. some clouds will be in the mid70s santa rosa and 72 in san rafael. east bay communities, 66 in oakland. 70 for union city. head inland, and these temperatures are not quite where you should be for this time of year. 80 degrees in livermore. 8 degrees cooler than average. 78 in concord and 76 in dublin. and for the monterey bay, 60 degrees if you are heading down to caramel. 78 in morgan hill. a big game tomorrow afternoon. this is cal hosting nevada at the newly renovated stadium. part partly sunny, breezy and 58 degrees. by 3:00 p.m., getting into the low 60s. i would grab a sweatshirt if i was you. and we do have a couple of art and wine festivals and art festivals going on. breezy and 65 tomorrow. mostly sunny on sunday and monday warmer and for the millbrae art and wine festival 67 on saturday and 72 on sunday. it warms up. sunday and monday. iwe will hold it there until wednesday. that's whe
Sep 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
redwood city. menlo park. 80 loss at ocean. 59 pacifica. downtown san francisco 66 degrees and as we get you up that the north bay you see the low 60's at the coast. stinson beach 63. 83 calistoga. occasional high cloud santa rosa 80 degrees. east bay mild day 78 for castro vaechlt head inland this is where it is warm again not as warm as it was today. 88 in dublin. 90 for fairfield. monterey way 63 degrees in carmel. yin in gilroy. tomorrow the a's hosting the orioles at 7:05. if heading to the game 66 degrees at 7:05 dropping down to 62. 10:15. definitely looking at breezy conditions and you look at the 7 day forecast cooling trend continues as we hit sunday and even monday down to the upper 80's by monday with low 60's coast line cooling further into wednesday dropping below normal but until then just a little bit of a cool dup over the wea wean. mike at 4:30 weather updates. >> from weather to the dog. >> show you the world tallest dog when we come back. >> check out fido. he's very large. large. >> >> researchers can't really explain this. boys whose parents divorce h
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